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Dark Fitted T-Shirts in black and kelly green! Made in the US by American Apparel

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Dark Fitted T-Shirts

Thanks for the sweatshirts

'Twas the day before Thanksgiving when CafePress announced five new styles of sweatshirts. Oof. They're a welcome addition, particularly with the imminent arrival of Wisconsin winter weather, but a rough calculation showed that setting up my existing designs on them would take most of the holiday weekend. It did, but I'm pleased to say that more than 1,200 new sweatshirts are now available at JamieCo Design.

Women's Zip Hoodies
Women's Zip Hoodies
Hoodies (dark)
Dark Hoodies
Sweathshirts (dark)
Dark Sweatshirts
Zip Hoodies
Zip Hoodies
Dark Zip Hoodies
Dark Zip Hoodies
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Recent news: Survivors awareness ribbons

Featured designs : May awareness

Red Ribbon for Stroke Awareness
Red Ribbon

American Stroke Month

Stroke Survivor
Stroke Survivor

American Stroke Month

Gray Ribbon for Asthma and Allergy Awareness
Gray Ribbon

Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month

Purple Ribbon for Lupus Awareness
Purple Ribbon

Lupus Awareness Month

Lime Green Ribbon for Lyme Disease Awareness
Lime Green Ribbon

Lyme Disease
Awareness Month

Black Ribbon for Melanoma/Skin Cancer Awareness
Black Ribbon

Cancer Detection and
Prevention Month

Melanoma Survivor
Melanoma Survivor

Cancer Detection and
Prevention Month

Green Ribbon for Mental Health Awareness
Green Ribbon

Mental Health Month

Purple and Yellow Ribbon for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness
Purple and Yellow Ribbon

Multiple Chemical
Sensitivity Month

Blue Ribbon for Arthritis Awareness
Blue Ribbon

National Arthritis
Awareness Month

Light Green Ribbon for Celiac Disease Awareness
Light Green Ribbon

National Celiac Disease Awareness Month

Green Ribbon for Neurofibromatosis Awareness
Green Ribbon

Neurofibromatosis Month

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